VDC v.2.0


DELIBERATION NO. 2022-0613-06


Presentation of the VDC 2.0 Project to the Board of Directors:

“After an initial decade of operation, the Board of Directors wished to redefine its mission more clearly. This process, which forms the basis of the VDC 2.0 project, involves examination of a re-foundational text. In referring to the conclusion of the 2021 annual report, an initial idea has been formulated.

Between now and the end of the summer break, in September 2022, the Board members agree to finalise the condensed re-foundational text received, to subsequently enable its application with the related measures (legal procedures, organisation of Colleges, regulations, communication) and ensuing action plans.

Once the re-foundational text has been approved, the Fund Chairman will publish a press release to be translated and circulated to all our composer members and partners.”

Proposed re-foundational text
Update of 14 August 2022

The Villa of Composers has administered an Endowment Fund since 2012.

To expand opportunities for creation, transmission and conservation, the Villa welcomes renowned performers to take part in its projects by developing special relationships with active composers within the Villa.

The Villa has a unique catalogue of musical works which are newly created, or sometimes undeservedly unknown, in order to compile themed collections that are submitted within its network of music libraries.

These collections, presented in public, are proposed to partner publishers and broadcasters; the recordings of these events can be reserved and privatised for patrons.

The Villa of Composers thus remains true to its motto “Create and Transmit”.

Update of 13 August 2022

Terms such as “renowned performers”, “active composers”, “projects”, “network of music libraries” will be developed in an additional informational document and referenced in the rules of procedure.
The Collegio musicale and its missions and composition will be redefined accordingly.

Next step
Presentation of this text at the next Board of Directors meeting for approval and statutory amendments, as appropriate.