5 July 2012
French and Italian composers gathered in the library of the Accademia nazionale di Santa Cecilia di Roma in Palazzo Farnese in Rome to present the "Villa of Composers" initiative. The composers were: Christophe Guyard, Marc Lys, Anthony Girard, Lucio Gregoretti, Fabrizio de Rossi Re, Enrico Blatti and Matteo d'Amico.

2010 - PARIS
Christophe Guyard and Marc Lys actively consulted their fellow composers and professionals in music publishing circles in their quest for an effective technical and legal solution to support universal access to printed musical scores.

How could they facilitate discovery of these works in numerous locations worldwide?

2011 - ROME
This question brought together French and Italian composers in Rome thanks to an initiative by Annalisa Bini, Director of Cultural Activities, and the library at the Accademia nazionale di Santa Cecilia. The aim was to promote the discovery of outstanding works, regardless of aesthetic or style, by offering composers the chance to promote their musical heritage alongside the usual composer-publisher channels, whilst upholding the best interests of the composers themselves.

This was probably the first time in musical history that composers were offered an active role to perpetuate their own private artistic heritage. The Endowment Fund effectively proved the ideal solution for preserving and sharing artistic heritage.

There finally arose a need for social links between composers.

2012 - ROME
On 31 March 2012, the "Villa of Composers" was announced as an Endowment Fund in France's official journal.
On 5 July 2012, the Endowment Fund was inaugurated in the midst of the magnificent Palazzo Farnese at the French Embassy in Rome along with the motto: "Create & transmit". During this time the Villa of Composers received the Patronage of the French Minister for Culture and Communication.

2013 - ROME
The French cultural institutions in Rome requested us to state our objectives. The choice of the name "Villa" sparked reactions... But the French and Italian members elected to keep the name "Villa of Composers". This was duly noted.

In 2013 in France, major structures such as the Republican Guard Orchestras (France) and the French Federation of Music Education asked to play works from our catalogue. It was time for the Villa of Composers to envisage its artistic influence.

We again consulted the French Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs. New developments ensued.

2014 - PARIS & TURIN
The Villa of Composers received the High Patronage of the French President for the Igor Stravinsky international composition competition (with the support of the Igor Stravinsky Foundation in Geneva).

The Villa of Composers took up residence at the Villa Tesoriera, a historical villa with an extensive music library graciously provided by the City of Turin.


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