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Totaro, Mario (b. 1962, Pesaro). Italian composer and pianist.

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Mario Totaro graduated in piano from the Conservatory “G. Rossini” in Pesaro with honours and in composition from the Conservatory “G. Verdi” in Milan with top marks. He studied piano with Franco Scala and composition with Mario Garuti. Mario Totaro initially devoted himself to piano and continued his studies at the "Mozarteum" in Salzburg under Carlo Zecchi and in Imola ("Incontri col Maestro") under Gyorgy Sandor, Alexander Lonquich, Aldo Ciccolini, Nikita Magaloff and Bruno Canino. At nineteen Totaro became a Professor at the Conservatory of Pesaro, where he’s still teaching.
He has been awarded prizes in several piano competitions both national and international such as: "Città di Stresa", "E. Porrino", "Città di Como", "Città di Gaeta", "Città di Albenga", "A.M.A. Calabria" etc. He won a Scholarship for best student of Jörg Demus class at the International Piano Festival "From Bach to Bartók".

Totaro has given several concerts in Italy and abroad where he presented programs based on improvisation and “contamination” between musical genres.

In 1992, he was one of the founders of the Trio Diaghilev (two pianos and percussion), a formation selected by outstanding musicians for "exceptional merits".

With the Trio Diaghilev Totaro proposed many arrangements of some of the most relevant 20th century masterpieces as well as his own original compositions in prestigious concerts seasons in Italy and abroad, some of which being the "Rossini Opera Festival", "Ente Concerti" - Pesaro, "Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti" and "Cidim - Musica Duemila" - Rome, "Sagra Musicale Malatestiana" - Rimini, "Associazione A. Scarlatti" - Naples, "Società Filarmonica" - Trento, "Autunno Musicale" - Como and in important radio programs. In 1995 Totaro was invited, as a soloist, to represent Italy at the International Festival “Europäische Klaviertage” in Iffeldorf (München), together with Lars Vogt and others famous pianists. The piano recital was broadcasted live by the Bavarian Radio.

As a Professor Totaro has held courses of instrumental specialization and musical analysis based on original and innovative formulas, which exploit the connections between the brain, the Central Nervous System and the movements required in musical execution. On the project, he worked alone and in cooperation with eminent Professors. Totaro has been awarded in international competitions for some of his works ("Ennio Porrino" - Cagliari) that have been broadcast on different occasions during RAI Radio productions (“Radiotre Suite”, “Il brivido della classica”). He has been commissioned by important artistic institutions (“Rossini Opera Festival”, “Feste Musicali di Bologna”, "Sagra Musicale Malatestiana”, “Accademia Pianistica Incontri col Maestro”, "Rassegna Lirica Torelliana”, "Centro Astor Piazzolla" etc.).
Since 2006 Totaro has directed the “Laboratory of 20th Century and Contemporary Music” at the Conservatory of Pesaro, whose aim is to study last-century masterpieces, to stimulate new musical proposals and to promote the music of the latest generations.


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  • 0005 Totantango for Piano 4 hands or 2 Pianos and Percussion; 10 min., Preludio, tm2p-2196-CCN0005a, 1996
  • 0010 Caprice Fantasque for Piano 4 hands or 2 Pianos and Percussion; 35 min., Preludio, tm2p-2196-CCN0010a, 1994
  • 0012 Il Poema del Vento for Violin, Cello and Piano; 5 min., Unpublished, tm2p-2196-CCN0012a, 2013
  • 0014 The Raven for Reciter, Violin and Piano; 5 min., Preludio, Text by Edgar Allan Poe, tm2p-2196-CCN0014, 1998
  • 0015 Lots of Thence for Voice, Keyboards, Clarinet, Vibraphone, Piano, Bass, Drums; 7 min., Preludio, Text by Mario Totaro, tm2p-2196-CCN0015, 1999
  • 0017 Vivo for Xilophone and 2 Pianos; 5 min., Unpublished, tm2p-2196-CCN0017a, 2014
  • 0022 Folk Medley for Voice, Flute, Clarinet and Harp; 15 min., Preludio, Text by various, tm2p-2196-CCN0022a, 2009
  • 0022 Folk Medley for Voice, Flute, Clarinet and Piano; 15 min., Unpublished, Texts by various, tm2p-2196-CCN0022b, 2009
  • 0024 Due piccoli Studi for 3 Flutes; 5 min., Unpublished, tm2p-2196-CCN0024, 2009
  • 0027 Harsa for Sax quartet; 10 min., Preludio, tm2p-2196-CCN0027, 2012
  • 0028 Exercise for Bruno for Chamber Ensemble; 8 min., Unpublished, tm2p-2196-CCN0028, 2013


  • 0005 Totantango for Piano 4 hands or 2 Pianos; 10 min., Preludio, tm2p-2196-CCN0005b, 1996
  • 0007 Fantaisie 1989 for Piano 4 hands; 10 min., Unpublished, tm2p-2196-CCN0007a, 1989
  • 0007 Fantaisie 1989 for 2 Pianos; 10 min., Unpublished, tm2p-2196-CCN0007b, 1989
  • 0010 Caprice Fantasque for Piano 4 hands or 2 Pianos; 35 min., Preludio, tm2p-2196-CCN0010b, 1994
  • 0013 Ba'atti for percussion (Wood-blocks, Temple-blocks, Bongos, Tom-toms and Bass Drum (1 or 2 performers)); 6 min., Unpublished, tm2p-2196-CCN0013a, 2012
  • 0017 Vivo for Marimba and Piano; 5 min., Preludio, tm2p-2196-CCN0017b, 2003
  • 0017 Vivo for Vibraphone and Piano; 5 min., Unpublished, tm2p-2196-CCN0017c, 2003
  • 0017 Vivo for Soprano Sax and Piano; 5 min., Preludio, tm2p-2196-CCN0017d, 2009
  • 0017 Vivo for Clarinet and Piano; 5 min., Unpublished, tm2p-2196-CCN0017e, 2009
  • 0023 Five Esoteric Poems for Voice and Piano; 18 min., Preludio, Text by Fernando Pessoa, tm2p-2196-CCN0023, 2009
  • 0025 Ex Oedipo Suite for Piano 4 hands or 2 Pianos; 20 min., Preludio, tm2p-2196-CCN0025, 2010




  • 0016 Ex Oedipo for 3 Actors, Clarinets, Bandoneon, Piano, Percussion; 50 min., Preludio, text by Pietro Conversano, tm2p-2196-CCN0016, 2000
  • 0020 La Suite del Grande Arlecchino for Chamber Orchestra; 35 min., Unpublished, tm2p-2196-CCN0020, 2007
  • 0026 La leggenda delle due Montagne for Reciter and Chamber Orchestra; 30 min., (former title: "La Gazza che amava un Ciliegio"), Preludio, tm2p-2196-CCN0026, 2011