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Guyard, Christophe (b. 1966, Rennes). French composer of orchestral, chamber, lyric, organ and piano works.

Permanent composer member of the Collegio musicale and founder; See Rules of Procedure for the Fund [Link]




Sat, 6 January 2024 Pianorium, Saint-Domineuc (35), France - "Musiques de la forêt":

  • 0121 Images de la forêt; horn, solo violin, strings quartet, piano and celeste




Christophe Guyard was born in Rennes in 1966. He studied piano with Pierre Froment and composition with Franz Tournier. He was fascinated by the major 20th-century composers; with the support of his teachers, he met Olivier Messiaen during concerts at Rennes Opera House and presented the organ manuscript "Trilogie 15" to him, upon which the great composer recommended that he study in Paris.

In 1984 he was admitted to the Paris Conservatoire (CNSM), then directed by Marc Bleuse, and attended classes taught by Jacques Castérède for Analysis, Marius Constant for Orchestration and Claude Ballif for Composition. During this time he officiated as organist at the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel (from 1985 to 1995), where he was particularly marked by the exceptional and inspiring presence of Prior Bruno de Senneville.

While at the CNSM, Christophe Guyard’s compositions were commissioned for recording and broadcast by Radio France. He was also a resident for a short time at the Siena Accademia Musicale Chigiana, and for three years at IRCAM, directed by Pierre Boulez, as a CNSM researcher specialising in Analysis. Exposed to the world of computer methods at IRCAM, he submitted a thesis entitled "Computer-assisted composition techniques".

In 1986, the City of Rennes awarded him the music composition prize for his "Concerto d’Ys" for piano and orchestra. He obtained four premiers prix at the CNSM, for Orchestration (1985), Analysis (1986), Composition (1986) and Research in Analysis (1987).

Several of his chamber and instrumental works, including "Voyager III", 3 Sonatas for piano, "Alchimie", and "Phénix" for pipe organ, appeared in print, published by Billaudot.

The year 1989 saw him compose "Trans-Sidéral", a commission for the string sextet of the French National Orchestra.

From 1989 to 1996, he held the post of Director at the Conservatoire in Albertville, where he wrote a number of pieces for student ensembles. For the Albertville Winter Olympics in 1992, he wrote and directed the "Symphonie des Jeux", a joint project for the Annecy, Albertville and Grenoble Conservatoires.

From 1997, he started composing works on commission for concerts ("Le Livre de voyage à New-York") and major shows. In May 1998, the Council of Europe commissioned him to write a new version of the European anthem on the theme of Beethoven’s "Ode to Joy". This led to the work "Rhapsodie sur l’Hymne Européen" for full orchestra, along with various instrumental versions. Several recordings were released by the Council of Europe, including the version for piano (Thierry Huillet, piano), a first version for symphony orchestra (conducted by Alfred Herzog) and a second version with the German Radio Orchestra (SWR) (conducted by Roland Kluttig).

It was at this time that he made the acquaintance of various producers of sound and light shows held at historical monuments, for whom he wrote a number of original works, and he gradually became more and more involved in the field of multimedia project design and production (the "Grottes de Baume Obscure" and Clamouse caves, the "Cathédrale d’images" in Baux-de-Provence, the Church of Hérémence and the castles in Sion). These permanent spectacles are admired by audiences ranging from a few dozen to hundreds of thousands each year.

Guyard turned to lyrical works with "Valère et la lumière des étoiles" in 2001, with the support of the great violinist Tibor Varga in Sion, and "Fortitudo" (recorded at the Métropole concert hall in Lausanne in 2006). His works have been recorded with internationally renowned artists, including Brigitte Fournier, Brigitte Balleys and Stephan Imboden, and at high-level technical facilities such as orchestral venues, the Tibor Varga Studio and a concert hall (recording directed by Swiss radio station RSR).

His technical knowledge in computer engineering enabled him to create his own IT systems for directing and broadcasting his shows; his most prominent permanent work is undoubtedly "Sion en lumières" in Valais, Switzerland, since 2004.

In 2010, with fellow composer Marc Lys, he founded the "Villa des compositeurs" committee, with branches in Paris, in Turin and in Rome, to promote composers' works within the world's most prestigious libraries.

In January 2017, Christophe Guyard has been nominated as new Artistic Director of the Igor Stravinsky Foundation.



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  • 0108 Partita in Re for Alto, piano; 16 min., Unpublished, Dedicated to Clara Cernat & Thierry Huillet - First performance : Teatro Vittoria, Turin - 28 septembre 2017, gc6r-2733-CCN0108a, 2017

  • 0110 Un Esprit souffle dans l'abbatiale for flute and organ, recitant ad libitum; 7 min. 40, Unpublished, first performance: 11 July 2018, "Les Musicales de Redon" festival, Redon (Brittany), Virgile Monin (orgue) & Frédéric Lucaroni (flûte), gc6r-2733-CCN0110b, 2018
  • 0115 De rerum Natura (album) for Soprano, alto flute, piano; 2 min.20, Villa des compositeurs – Collection 2019, Ô Vénus 2:20 - Hommage au poète Lucretius, volume I, Collection VDC-B90508, gc6r-2733-CCN0115, 2019

  • 0116 le Miroir des anges for soprano and piano; 34 min., Unpublished, 1. Prélude 3:20 - 2. l'Ange aux voiles 3:38 - 3. l'Ange bénissant 3:36 - 4. pour l'Archange Michel 6:24 - 5. Invocations de l'Ange gardien 5:16 - 6. l'Ange du passage 4:14 - 7. l'Ange de l'Annonciation 6:48, gc6r-2733-CCN0116, 2022
  • 0121 Images de la forêt for horn, solo violin, strings quartet, piano and celeste; 45 min., Unpublished, I.Prélude 7:04 - Grande allée 4:22 - III.les Quatre éléments 12:58 - IV.un Monde sauvage 7:51 - V.Allégorie de la vie 12:05 - first performance January 6, 2024: Ensemble Dubois-Chauvet / Pianorium - Saint-Domineuc (35) France , gc6r-2733-CCN0121a, 2023


  • 0103 Il giardino della Villa di Livia for Flûte; 6 min.10, Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0103, 2012
  • 0108 Partita in Re for Alto; 16 min., Unpublished, Dedicated to Clara Cernat - First recording : Villa Tesoriera, Turin - 27 septembre 2017, gc6r-2733-CCN0108b, 2017

  • 0121 Images de la forêt for Cello solo; 21 min. 15, Unpublished, I.Prélude 2:02 - Grande allée 2:44 - III.les Quatre éléments 4:42 - IV.un Monde sauvage 4:55 - V.Allégorie de la vie 6:40 , gc6r-2733-CCN0121b, 2023


  • 0114 Thème de l'Abbé for 2 Vcl.; 3 min., PDF, En Duo, gc6r-2733-CCN0114b, 2019
  • 0119 l’Ange dit aux bergers... for flûte alto et grand-orgue; 6 min.10, Unpublished, une Histoire de Noël (album) (PDF), gc6r-2733-CCN0119, 2021


  • 0005 Fable impromptue for Piano solo; 3 min.10, Unpublished, from Préludes-impressions (album), gc6r-2733-CCN0005, 1983


  • 0118 Sol Invictus for Piano four-hands; 9 min. 22, first performance: 17 june 2023, Pianorium (Saint-Domineuc, France), PDF, gc6r-2733-CCN0118, 2021


  • 0001 Trilogie 15 for Grand-orgue; 15 min., Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0001, 1982

  • 0009 Phénix for Grand-orgue; 18 min., Editions Billaudot, gc6r-2733-CCN0009, 1984
  • 0043 Aquila for Grand-orgue; 17 min., Unpublished, 1. Veni 4'05, 2. Vidi 5'34, 3. Vici 9'22, gc6r-2733-CCN0043, 1988
  • 0070 Livre d'orgue 1993 (album) for Grand-orgue; 22 min., Unpublished, Prélude en Ut, 1er Choral-Fantaisie, 2ème Choral-Fantaisie, Fond d'Orgue, Toccata en duo, gc6r-2733-CCN0070, 1993
  • 0083 Orgue obscur for Grand-orgue; 23 min.13, Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0083, 1996
  • 0087 Fantaisie sur Visions, Jugement et Résurrection for Grand-orgue; 16 min., Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0087, 1997
  • 0090 Rhapsodie sur l’Hymne Européen for Grand-orgue; 6 min.35, Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0090b, 2001
  • 0107 Quatre Métamorphoses for Grand-orgue; 10 min.48, Unpublished, I-Fantaisie (3:13), II-Adagio (2:27), III-Esprits (2:45), IV-Toccata (2:19) created at the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral / 22 April 2017, gc6r-2733-CCN0107, 2016

  • 0109 Ostinati sur l'Aventin for Grand-orgue; 10 min., Unpublished, 1-Prélude (7 min.), 2-Cantilène (3 min.), gc6r-2733-CCN0109, 2017
  • 0110 Un Esprit souffle dans l'abbatiale for organ, recitant ad libitum; 12 min.10", Unpublished, Duration with Recitant: 13 min.40. Without Recitant: 12 min.10", gc6r-2733-CCN0110c, 2018
  • 0114 Thème de l'Abbé, Suite for Organ; 14 min., PDF, 1. Thème, 2. Présentation, 3. En duo, 4. En ornement, 5. Sortie, 6. Cadences, gc6r-2733-CCN0114a, 2019


  • 0079 Oratorio Mor-Bihan for Symphonique, solistes et choeurs; 90 min., Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0079, 1995
  • 0091 Suite concertante médiévale for Mezzo-soprano, chœur de femmes, grand-orgue, piano, percussions, cordes; 30 min., Unpublished, “Moyen-âge de lumières” spectacle / Cathédrale d'images / Les Baux-de-Provence 1999, gc6r-2733-CCN0091, 2018
  • 0096 Valère et la lumière des étoiles for Double orchestre à cordes, piano, orgue, solistes; 26 min., Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0096, 2001
  • 0098 Fortitudo for Orchestre à vents, solistes, choeurs; 26 min.16, Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0098, 2006

  • 0111 Oratorio Venez, Esprits des marais for Soprano, recitant, choir, flute, cello, piano, Prophet synthesizer, percussions and great organ; 50 min., I Sous le signe d'une étoile 5:36, II au Royaume des marais 10:10, III Evaporée à la fraîcheur du matin 4:27, IV Esprits du souffle 9:29, V Avant que le berceau ne passe le Styx 6:55, VI Révolution ! 2:45, VII Pluies bénies et marche royale 8:25, PDF, gc6r-2733-CCN0111, 2021


  • 0024 Concerto d'Ys for Symphonique, Piano solo; 12 min., Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0024, 1986

  • 0064 Concerto baroque for Petit orchestre, Piano solo; 24 min., Unpublished, 1. Principal 5:43, 2. Mémorial 3:46, 3. Fantaisie 4'57, 4. Candide 4'07, 5. Fugace 4'03, gc6r-2733-CCN0064, 2018
  • 0084 Concerto pour violon for Symphonique, Violon Instrument solo; 10 min.15, Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0084b, 1996
  • 0085 Le Livre de Voyage à New-York for Orchestre à vents et grand ensemble de cuivres; 29 min., 1. La Cité des géants 11' - 2. Saint-John the Divine 6'30 - 3. Choral sur l’Empire 4'45 - 4. Nuit d’Halloween 6'10, Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0085a, 1996
  • 0085 Le Livre de Voyage à New-York for Orchestre d'harmonie; 6 min. 10, 4. Nuit d’Halloween 6'10, Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0085b, 2018
  • 0086 Poème symphonique sur le Psaume 79 for Symphonique; 14 min.27, Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0086, 1997
  • 0090 Rhapsodie sur l’Hymne Européen for Symphonique; 6 min.35, Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0090c, 1999
  • 0090 Rhapsodie sur l’Hymne Européen for Orchestre d'harmonie; 6 min.35, Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0090d, 2003
  • 0121 Images de la forêt for Symphonic studio orchestra; 45 min., Unpublished, I.Prélude 7:04 - Grande allée 4:22 - III.les Quatre éléments 12:58 - IV.un Monde sauvage 7:51 - V.Allégorie de la vie 12:05 - KissKissBankBank crowdfounding , gc6r-2733-CCN0121c, 2022


  • 0032 Le Livre de Colombe (album) for Grand-orgue; 31 min., Unpublished, 1-Rorate caeli, 2-Puer natus, 3-De profundis, 4-O Filii, 5-Te Deum, 6-Salve regina, gc6r-2733-CCN0032a, 2014
  • 0032 Le Livre de Colombe (album) for Soprano, Grand-orgue; 31 min., Unpublished, 1-Rorate caeli, 2-Puer natus, 3-De profundis, 4-O Filii, 5-Te Deum, 6-Salve regina, gc6r-2733-CCN0032b, 2014
  • 0057 Cantate Restauratio for Mezzo-soprano, baritone, mixed choir, beginners chamber orchestra, continuo organ; 45 min., Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0057, 1990
  • 0092 Cantate pour Hérémence for Recitant, mezzo-soprano, baritone, mixed choir, piano, string quintet and strings orchestra, percussion (timpani, bells), great organ, special sound effects; 40 min.47, Unpublished, 1ère partie 19'47, 2.Via crucis 14'40, 3.Salve Regina 6'22, gc6r-2733-CCN0092, 1999
  • 0094 Cantate sur le Psaume 18 for Quintet vocal, Tbn solo, Piano Perc; 15 min.10, Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0094, 1999
  • 0095 Cantate d’ombre et de lumières for Soprano Basse Chœur Grand-orgue Clavecin Orchestre à cordes; 33 min., Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0095, 2000
  • 0104 L'Office du Mont-Saint-Michel, Vol.I for grand-orgue; 70 min., Unpublished, Volume I: N°1 Veni Creator Spiritus - N°2 Laudabo Deum meum - N°3 Illùminet vultum suum super nos - N°4 Lecture, en crescendo - N°5 Lecture, en choral - N°6 Lecture, arabesque - N°7 Lecture, en acclamation - N°8 Lecture, interrogative - N°9 Lecture, Reconciliamini Deo - N°10 Lecture, Sanctus es - N°11 Lecture, sur pédale de grand Ré - N°12 Lecture, en conclusions sur-majeures - N°13 Lecture, paraphrase sur Te Deum - N°14 Benignitàtem fecit Dòminus - N°15 Illùminet vultum suum super nos - N°16 Pax vobiscum - N°17 Variations sur Pax vobiscum - N°18 Illùminet vultum suum super nos - N°19 Reconciliamini Deo (en La, en Si) - N°20 Alleluia & Reconciliamini Deo - N°21 Sortie sur Te Deum, gc6r-2733-CCN0104, 2017
  • 0110 Un Esprit souffle dans l'abbatiale for Gregorian choir and organ, recitant ad libitum; 15 min.30", Unpublished, Duration with Recitant: 15 min.30". Without Recitant: 14 min. First performance: 1 June 2018, Basilica benedettina di Sant'Anselmo all'Aventino, Roma, gc6r-2733-CCN0110a, 2018
  • 0112 L'Office du Mont-Saint-Michel, Vol.II for grand-orgue; 53 min.28, Unpublished, Volume II: N°1 Immersions 8:03 - N°2 Ouverture (v. abrégée) 1:00 - N°3 Procession, ostinato 3:37 - N°4 Kyrie 3:31 - N°5 Lecture, Apocalypse de St-Jean, Les Quatre vivants 2:19 - N°6 Lecture, de la Parole à l'inspiration 3:18 - N°7 Lecture, Sanctus es 1:20 - N°8 Lecture, 3ème mode du Livre des Psaumes 5:57 - N°9 Lecture (v. courte), 3ème mode du Livre des Psaumes 0:49 - N°10 Lecture, 4ème mode du Livre des Psaumes 5:00 - N°11 Alleluia Via æterna 9:11 - N°12 Alleluia, 2ème mode du Livre des Psaumes 6:15 - N°13 Ave Maria 3:08, gc6r-2733-CCN0112, 2018
  • 0113 Livre des Psaumes, 1er mode for Grand-orgue, schola ad libitum; 33 min., Unpublished, Ouverture 3'32, 1. Séquences 7'53, 2. Méditation 3'20, 3. Version chantée 3'55, 4. Sortie 3'46, Intonations du Mode I 9'46, Postlude 4'46, Cadences finales, cf. L'Office du Mont-Saint-Michel, gc6r-2733-CCN0113, 2018


  • 0101 Magnificat, Poème de Clamouse for Chœur à 6 voix, orgue continuo, percussions, 2 harpes, grand-orgue; 6 min. 18, Unpublished, gc6r-2733-CCN0101, 2011
  • 0120 Perla preziosa for voix (chœur d'enfants), cymbale et ensemble de 8 violoncelles; 7 min.30, Unpublished, histoire musicale, texte de l'auteur, gc6r-2733-CCN0120, 2022







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