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Ferrero, Lorenzo (b. 1951, Turin). Contemporary Italian composer, librettist, author, and book editor.

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Born in Turin, he studied composition from 1969 to 1973 with Massimo Bruni and Enore Zaffiri at Turin Music Conservatory, and philosophy with Gianni Vattimo and Massimo Mila at the University of Turin, earning a degree in aesthetics with a thesis on John Cage in 1974.

His early interest in the psychology of perception and psychoacoustics led him to IMEB, the International Electroacoustic Music Institute of Bourges, France where he did research on electronic music between 1972 and 1973, IRCAM in Paris, and to the Musik/Dia/Licht/Film Galerie in Munich, Germany in 1974.

Lorenzo Ferrero has received commissions from numerous festivals and institutions, his works being constantly performed throughout Europe and North America, particularly in Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Finland, Russia, the Czech Republic, and the United States. His most popular compositions include the operas Marilyn, La figlia del mago, Mare nostro, Salvatore Giuliano, Charlotte Corday and La Conquista, the first Piano Concerto, the Triple Concerto for violin, violoncello and piano, the set of six symphonic poems La nueva España, the song cycle Canzoni d'amore, Parodia, Ostinato, Glamorama Spies, Capriccio for piano and string orchestra, Tempi di quartetto for string quartet, and the ballet Franca Florio, regina di Palermo. In 1986 he participated in the Prix Italia with his work La fuga di Foscolo. His music is published by Casa Ricordi Milan.

As an active manager of art events, he has served as artistic director of the Festival Puccini in Torre del Lago (1980–84), Unione Musicale in Turin (1983–87), Arena di Verona (1991-94), and the Musica 2000 fair. In 1999 he co-founded and coordinated the Festa della Musica, a showcase of classical, jazz and world music held in Milan, and four years later he managed the Ravello Festival. In 2007 Lorenzo Ferrero was appointed to the board of directors and elected vice-president of SIAE, the Italian Authors and Publishers Association. That same year he published the Manuale di scrittura musicale, a manual which describes the basic rules of correct and elegant music writing from the orthographic as well as the graphic point of view, which is addressed to all composers, musicologists, teachers, students and copy-editors in need of practical advice. In 2008 he translated, edited and published Lo studio dell'orchestrazione, the Italian edition of Samuel Adler's The Study of Orchestration, a landmark orchestration manual.

Lorenzo Ferrero has been professor of composition at Milan Conservatory since 1980. His teaching appointments include positions at St. Mary's College of Maryland and LUISS Business School, a division of LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome. Moreover, as member of the Italian National Union of Composers, Librettists and Authors he co-founded ECSA, the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance, and since 2011 is chairman of CIAM, the International Council of Authors of Music, which is a committee within CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers.

He was described in The New Grove Dictionary of Opera as "the most successful opera composer of his generation in Italy, " and in The New Penguin Opera Guide as "a principal exponent of the neo-tonal tendencies common to a number of Italian composers of his generation, who has championed a brand of narrative music-theatre that aims to capture a wider audience than that achieved by the heirs of the modernist tradition."


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  • 0005 My Blues for Strings.; 6 min.,, fl1t-2544-CCN0005a, 1982
  • 0005 My Blues (tr. 8 woodwinds) for 2 Fl./2 Ob./2 Cl./2 Hn./2 Bsn.; 6 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0005b, 1983
  • 0005 My Blues (tr. 8 instruments) for A.Fl./Cl./Bsn./Tpt./Vln. /Vla/ Vlc./ Db.; 6 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0005c, 1983
  • 0005 My Blues (tr.) for Vln./Vlc./Piano; 6 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0005d, 1983
  • 0005 My Blues (tr.) for Cl./Vla/Piano; 6 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0005e, 1983
  • 0006 My Rag (tr.Ensemble) for cl./Tpt./Trb./Pf./Vln./Db.; 8 min., Ricordi/Universal, tr. By Virgilio Prosperi, fl1t-2544-CCN0006a, 1983
  • 0008 Movimento americano for Ob./Cl./Bsn./2 Vln/Vla/Vlc.; 7 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0008, 1992
  • 0018 Romanza senza parole for P.Cl./B.Cl./Trb./Perc./Cel./Vln./Vla/Vlc./Db.; 12 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0018, 1976
  • 0019 Adagio Cantabile for Fl./Ob./Cl./Bsn./Hr./Perc./2 Vln./Vla/Vlc./Db.; 12 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0019, 1977
  • 0020 Passacaglia for Fl./Cl./2 Vln./Vla./Vlc./; 9 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0020, 1986
  • 0021 Ostinato for 6 Vlc.; 7 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0021a, 1987
  • 0021 Ostinato (tr.) for 2 Fl./3 Cl./Bsn./2 Vln./Vla/Vlc./Db.; 7 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0021b, 1989
  • 0022 Parodia for 2 Fl./ E.H /Cl./B.Cl./Bsn./Hr./Tpt./Pf./2 Vln./Vla/Vlc/Db.; 10 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0022a, 1990
  • 0023 Tempi di quartetto for 2 Vln./Vla./Vlc.; 64 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0023, 1998
  • 0024 Glamorama Spies for Fl./Cl./Vln./Vlc./Pf.; 7 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0024, 2000
  • 0025 Moonlight Sonata for 5 Perc.; 10 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0025, 2001
  • 0026 Macuilli Mexihcateteouh (5 Aztec Gods) for 2 Vln./Vla./Vlc.; 15 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0026, 2006
  • 0027 Fantasy Suite for Fl./Vlc./Pf.; 15 min., Ricordi/Universal, with jazz improvvisation, fl1t-2544-CCN0027, 2007
  • 0028 Freedom Variations for Solo Tpt./Fl./Cl./Pf./Dr.Set/Vln./Vlc./Db.; 12 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0028, 2008
  • 0029 Tourists and Oracles for 2 Fl./Cl./B.Cl./Pf. 4h./Vibr./Perc./2 Vln/2 Vlc./Db.; 14 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0029, 2008
  • 0030 Three Simple Songs for Fl./Cl./Vln./Vlc./Pf.; 12 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0030a, 2009
  • 0031 Venice 1976 (A Parody) for Fl./Cl./Vln./Vlc./Pf.; 6 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0031, 2013


  • 0005 My Blues (tr.) for A.Sax/Piano; 6 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0005f, 1983
  • 0005 My Blues (tr.) for Fl.(or Vln., or Cl.)/Piano; 6 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0005g, 1983
  • 0009 Five Easy Pieces (tr.) for Fl./Piano; 15 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0009a, 1994
  • 0012 Respiri for Fl./Piano; 5 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0012, 1982
  • 0016 Sonata for Vla/Piano; 12 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0016, 2000
  • 0017 Country Life for Sax./Piano; 8 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0017, 2015
  • 0030 Three Simple Songs (tr.) for A.Sax./Pf.; 12 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0030b, 2010
  • 0032 Country Life for S.Sax./Piano; 8 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0032, 2015


  • 0001 Ellipse II for Cmb or Clav.; 12 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0001, 1975
  • 0002 Aivlys for Piano; 23 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0002, 1977
  • 0003 Variazioni sulla notte for Chit.; 8 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0003, 1980
  • 0004 Ellipse for Fl.; 5 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0004, 1983
  • 0005 My Blues (tr.) for Piano; 6 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0005h, 1983

  • 0006 My Rag for Piano; 8 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0006b, 1983
  • 0007 My Rock for Piano; 5 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0007a, 1983
  • 0009 Five Easy Pieces for Piano; 15 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0009b, 1994
  • 0010 Seven Portraits of the Same Person for Piano; 20 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0010, 1996
  • 0011 Onde for Chit.; 5 min., Ricordi/Universal, Foglio d'album per R.Fabbriciani, fl1t-2544-CCN0011, 1996
  • 0013 Rock my Tango for Piano; 4 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0013, 1990
  • 0014 A Red Wedding Dress for Organ; 8 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0014, 1998
  • 0015 Op.111 - Bagatella su Beethoven for Piano; 5 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0015, 2009


  • 0007 My Rock (tr. Big Band) for 2 Cl./3 Sax./4 Tpt./4 Trb./E.Chit./E.B.Chit./Perc./Dr.Set; 6 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0007b, 1983
  • 0007 My Rock (tr.) for 2 Cl./2 Ob./2 Cl./2 Bsn./Hr./2 Tpt./2 Trb./Perc./Strings; 6 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0007c, 1986
  • 0009 Five Easy Pieces (tr.) for 2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./4 Hn./3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu./2 Perc./Hp./Strings; 15 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0009c, 1994
  • 0021 Ostinato (tr.) for 2 solo Vlc./Strings; 7 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0021c, 1993
  • 0022 Parodia (tr.) for 2 Fl./ E.H /Cl./B.Cl./Bsn./Hr./Tpt./Pf./Strings; 10 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0022b, 1991
  • 0033 Ellipse IV (Waldmusik) for 21 wind instruments in 5 groups and folk instruments ad libitum; 23 min., Ricordi/Universal, 23' min duration, then repetitions. To be performed open air., fl1t-2544-CCN0033, 1974
  • 0034 Siglied for Fl./Ob./Cl./Bsn./2 Hr./Tpt./Trb./Tu/2 Perc./2 Vln./Vla./Clc./Db.; 18 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0034, 1975
  • 0035 Thema 44 (ad honorem J.Haydn) for 2 Fl./2 Ob./3.Cl./2 Bsn./2 Hr./2 Tpt./Hp./Pf./Cel./2 Perc./Strings; 11 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0035, 1982
  • 0036 Intermezzo Notturno (from 'Mare Nostro') for 1 Fl./1.Ob/1.Cl./1 Bsn./2 Hr./1 Tpt./Solo Vln./Strings; 5 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0036, 1985
  • 0037 Intermezzo 'Portella della Ginestra' from 'Salvatore Giuliano' for Picc./Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsn./A.Sax/4 Hr/3 Tpt./3 Tbn./3 Perc./Hp./Pf./E.B.Chit/3perc./Strings; 8 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0037, 1986
  • 0038 Four Modern Dances for 2 Fl./2 Ob./2 Cl./2 Bsn./2 Hr./2 Tpt./Tp./El.Keyb./Strings; 22 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0038, 1990
  • 0039 Zaubermarsch for 2 Fl./2 Ob./2 Cl./2 Bsn./2 Hr./2 Tpt./Tp./Glock./Strings; 8 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0039, 1990
  • 0040 Concerto per pianoforte e orchestra N°1 for Piano solo/2 Fl./2 Ob./2 Cl./2 Bsn./2 Hr./2 Tpt./Tp./Strings; 24 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0040, 1991
  • 0041 Paesaggio con figura for 2 Fl./2 Ob./2 Cl./2 Bsn./2 Hr./2 Tpt./Tp./Perc./Strings; 12 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0041, 1994
  • 0042 Concerto per Vlno, Cello, Piano e Orchestra for Vln.solo/Vlc.solo/Pf.solo/2 Fl./2 Ob./2 Cl./2 Bsn./2 Hr./2 Tpt./Tp./Strings; 26 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0042, 1995
  • 0043 Palm Beach Overture for 2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./2 Bsn./S.Sax/4 Hr/3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu/Tp./Herc./Hp./Strings; 10 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0043, 1995
  • 0044 Storie di neve (Suite from) for Picc./2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsn/4 Hr/3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu/Tp./3 Perc./Hp./Pf./strings; 26 min., Ricordi/Universal, 1997 Alpine Ski Championship opening ceremony, fl1t-2544-CCN0044, 1997
  • 0045 La Nueva España. La Ruta de Cortéz for 2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsn/4 Hr/3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu/Tp./2 Perc./Hp./Pf./Cel/Strings; 13 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0045, 1992
  • 0046 La Nueva España. La Noche Triste for 2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsn/4 Hr/3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu/Tp./2 Perc./Hp./Pf./Cel/Strings; 12 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0046, 1996
  • 0047 La Nueva España. La Memoria del Fuego for 2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsn/4 Hr/3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu/Tp./2 Perc./Hp./Pf./Cel/Strings; 12 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0047, 1998
  • 0048 La Nueva España. Presagios for 2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsn/4 Hr/3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu/Tp./2 Perc./Hp./Pf./Cel/Strings; 10 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0048, 1999
  • 0049 La Nueva España. El Encuentro for 2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsn/4 Hr/3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu/Tp./2 Perc./Hp./Pf./Cel/Strings; 12 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0049, 1999
  • 0050 La Nueva España. La Matanza del Templo Major for 2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsn/4 Hr/3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu/Tp./2 Perc./Hp./Pf./Cel/Strings; 12 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0050, 1999
  • 0051 Three Baroque Buildings for Solo Tpt./Solo Bsn./Strings; 24 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0051, 1997
  • 0052 Rastrelli in Saint Petersburg for solo Ob./Strings; 15 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0052, 2000
  • 0053 Two Cathedrals in the South for Solo Tpt./Strings; 16 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0053, 2001
  • 0054 Guarini, The Master for Solo Vln./Strings; 20 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0054, 2004
  • 0055 DEsCH for Solo Ob./Solo Bsn./Solo Piano/2 Fl./2 Cl./2 Bsn./2 Hr./2 Tpt./Tp./Strings; 15 min., Ricordi/Universal, in memoriam D. Shostakovich, fl1t-2544-CCN0055, 2006
  • 0056 Concerto per pianoforte e orchestra N°2 for Piano solo/3 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsn/4 Hr./3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu/Tp./2 Perc./Strings; 40 min., Ricordi/Universal, Subtitle 'Memories of Zhivago', fl1t-2544-CCN0056, 2007
  • 0057 Fantasy Suite N°2 for Vln. solo/2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H:/2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsn/4 Hr./3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu/Tp./2 Perc./Strings; 18 min., Ricordi/Universal, fl1t-2544-CCN0057, 2009


  • 0064 Le Néant où l'on ne peut arriver for 2 solo Sop./solo A./solo T./solo Br./solo B./2 mixed choirs/Children choir/2 Tpt/2 Hr./2 Tbn/Cb.Tu/7 Perc./Org.; 40 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by B.Pascal, fl1t-2544-CCN0064, 1976
  • 0065 Introito (from Requiem) for Mixed choir/2 Fl./2 Ob./3 Cl./3 Bsn./4 Hr./2 Tpt./2 Tbn./Tu/Tp./Perc./Strings; 5 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by V.Consolo (part of Requiem for the victims of the mafia, written with other 6 composers), fl1t-2544-CCN0065, 1993


  • 0066 Rimbaud, quasi un melodramma in 3 atti for Solo Col.S./Solo A./Solo Lyr.T./Solo B./6 actors/Ob./Cl./A.Sax/3 Perc./Pf/Hp./2 Vln./Vla/Vlc./Bd./Pf on stage.; 110 min., Ricordi/Universal, Subtitle 'ou le fils du soleil' Text by L-F.Caude. Original language: French, fl1t-2544-CCN0066, 1977
  • 0067 Invito a nozze, ballet in one act for Instrumental music and effects on tape; 30 min., Ricordi/Universal, Concept by F.Bossi, fl1t-2544-CCN0067, 1978
  • 0068 Marilyn, scene degli anni '50 in 2 atti for Solo Col.S./Solo T./Solo Br.B./Solo Jazz-Rock S./8 actors/Mixed choir/2 Fl./2 Ob./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./A.Sax/2 Hr./3 Tpt./2 Trb./Tu/3 Perc./Pf./Cel./E.Org./Hp./Strings; 100 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by F.Bossi and L.Ferrero. Original language English-Italian, fl1t-2544-CCN0068, 1979
  • 0069 La Figlia del Mago, giocodramma melodioso in 2 atti for Solo S./Solo T./Solo Bar./Solo B./Mimes/Fl./Ob./Clar./Bsn./Hr./Tpt./Trb./2 Perc./B.E.Chit/2 Vln/Vla/Vlc.; 60 min., Ricordi/Universal, Opera for children. Text by M. Ravasini. English and Finnish translations available., fl1t-2544-CCN0069, 1981
  • 0070 Mare Nostro, opera buffa in due atti for Solo S./Solo Ms./Solo T./Solo Br./Solo Br./Solo B./Mixed choir/2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Bsn./2 Hr./2 Tpt/2 Trb./E.Chit./B.E.Chit/E.Key./2 Perc./Strings; 120 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by Marco Ravasini, fl1t-2544-CCN0070, 1985
  • 0071 Night, show opera in one act for Vocal Sextet/ Solo Pop Singer/ Solo Dj/ Recorded electronics and small orchestra.; 90 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by L.Ferrero and P.Wehrhan and from Hymnen an die Nacht by Novalis., fl1t-2544-CCN0071, 1985
  • 0072 Salvatore Giuliano, opera in one act for Solo S./Solo Ms./Solo T./Solo Bar./Solo B.Bar/Solo B./Mixed choir/Picc./Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsn./A.Sax./4 Hr./3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu/Hp/ El.Pf./B.El.Chit/Tp./2 Perc./Strings; 75 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by G.Di Leva. German by Christoph Schwandt, fl1t-2544-CCN0072, 1986
  • 0073 Le bleu blanc roug et le noir. Opera for marionettes for Solo S./Solo Bar./Actor/Medium orchestra and mixed choir on tape; 90 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by A.Burgess, fl1t-2544-CCN0073, 1989
  • 0074 Charlotte Corday, opera in 3 acts for Solo S./Solo other S./Solo Ms./Solo T./Solo Bar./Solo B.Bar./Solo B./Solo child's voice/Mixed choir/Children's choir/Picc./Fl./Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./A.Sax/4 Hr./3 Tpt./3 Trb./Tu./E.Key./Tp./2 Perc./Strings/Portable Org.- Snare Drum - B.Drum on stage); 110 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by G.Di Leva. German by A. L-Humburg, fl1t-2544-CCN0074, 1989
  • 0075 La Nascita di Orfeo, azione in un atto for Solo Child's voice/Dancers/2 Fl./Ob./E.H./2 Cl./2 Bsn./2 Hr./2 Tpt./2 Trb./Tp./Perc./Hp./Strings; 30 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text from ancient Greek Fragments collected by D. Del Corno, fl1t-2544-CCN0075, 1996
  • 0076 La Conquista, opera in 2 acts for (Solo Pop F.Voice/Solo Light T./Solo Ten./Solo Bar./Solo B./Mixed Choir/Picc./Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsn/4Hr./2 Tpt./3 Tbn./Tu/Hp./Pf-Cel/Tp./3 Perc./Strings/2 Aztec perc.on stage; 110 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by F. Karttunen and L.Ferrero. Original language Nahuatl-Spanish-English, fl1t-2544-CCN0076, 2004
  • 0077 Le piccole storie, chamber opera for Solo S./Solo T./Solo Bar./3 actors/2 mimes/Fl./Cl./El.Key./Pf/Drum Set/Vln./Vlc./Db./Tape; 90 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by G.Di Leva, fl1t-2544-CCN0077, 2007
  • 0078 Franca Florio, ballet in 2 acts for 3 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsns/4 Hr./3 Tpt./3 Tbn./Tu/Tp./3 Perc./Hp./Pf-Cel/Strings; 110 min., Ricordi/Universal, Concept L.Cannito, fl1t-2544-CCN0078, 2007
  • 0079 Risorgimento! Opera in one act for (Solo S./Solo Ms./Solo T./Solo Bar/Solo B.Bar./Actor/Mixed Choir/Picc./2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./Cbsns/4 Hr./3 Tpt./3 Tbn./Tu/Tp./3 Perc./Hp./Pf-Cel/Strings/PF on stage; 60 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by D.Oliveri on an concept by L.Ferrero, fl1t-2544-CCN0079, 2010


  • 0058 Marilyn Suite (from 'Marilyn') for Soprano/Tenor/2 fl./2 Ob./3 Cl./ASax./2 Hr./3 Tpt./2 Trb./Tu/Perc./Pf, Cel. E.Org./Hp./Strings; 30 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by L.Ferrero and F.Bossi, fl1t-2544-CCN0058, 1982
  • 0059 Night of the Nite (from 'Marilyn') for Lyric Soprano/Piano; 5 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by L.Ferrero and F.Bossi from Norman Jean, fl1t-2544-CCN0059, 1982
  • 0060 Canzoni d'amore for Soprano/2 Fl./2 Cl./B.Cl./Tpt./Perc./Pf./Db.; 23 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by L.Ferrero and M.Ravasini from Metastasio, fl1t-2544-CCN0060a, 1985
  • 0060 Canzoni d'amore for Soprano/Piano; 23 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by L.Ferrero and M.Ravasini from Metastasio, fl1t-2544-CCN0060b, 1985
  • 0061 Poi andrò in America (from 'Salvatore Giuliano' for Tenor/2 Fl./2 Ob./E.H./2 Cl./B.Cl./2 Bsn./3 Hr./2 Tpt./3 Tbn./Tp./Strings; 4 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by G.Di Leva, fl1t-2544-CCN0061, 1986
  • 0062 Non parto, non resto for A cappella choir; 5 min., Ricordi/Universal, Text by P.Metastasio, fl1t-2544-CCN0062, 1987
  • 0063 Senza Parole for A cappella choir; 5 min., Feniarco E.M., fl1t-2544-CCN0063, 2013








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